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Fraudsters may pose as SCE Credit Union team members, trying to access your account and personal information. Even if the phone number looks like it's a Credit Union number, know that we'll never call, text or email you asking for your personal information. If you receive a call, text or email that looks like it came from us... hang up or delete the message and contact us directly.

fraud awareness

Report fraud right away!

If you've recently been a victim of fraud, contact us immediately!


Us the button below to send us a secure email or call us at 800.866.6474.


Protect your identity

You can bank with confidence knowing your funds are secure at SCE Credit Union. With the growing sophistication of fraudulent scams and activities, we're always scanning for fraud and other criminal attempts to steal your money and personal information. Stay in the know of our findings by following our Fraud Awareness blog.

Go to our Fraud Awareness blog

Verifying your access

When accessing our website at, you'll notice a lock icon appears to the left of the browser's website address bar. This technology can't be duplicated by fraudsters, so you can feel secure with this added level of visual confirmation you're accessing the true SCE Credit Union website.