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Fake eMails About Fake Money from a Fake COVID-19 Fund

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Fake eMails About Fake Money from a Fake COVID-19 Fund


Because of COVID-19, unemployment rates are high and cash flows are low for many people. Scammers view these as ripe conditions to strike. They’ll stop at nothing – not even a pandemic – to trick you into sharing your personal or financial information. That includes pretending to be a government official from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to gain your trust. 

We just heard about an email going around from someone claiming to be from the FTC. This scam email says you’ll get money from a COVID-19 “Global Empowerment Fund.” All you need to do, it says, is respond with your bank account information and they’ll transfer the funds. But that’s a scam. There’s no money and there’s no fund. And it’s not from the FTC. If you get a message like this, don’t respond. Instead, report it to the real FTC at

The FTC will never contact you by phone, email, text message, or social media to ask for your financial information or your Social Security number. Anyone who does is a scammer, phishing for your information.

If you’re getting an economic stimulus payment, that money will come from the Internal Revenue Service.

If you think you gave your financial information to a scammer, go to for steps you can take to protect yourself.