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Have You Heard About Money Mule Scams?

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Have You Heard About Money Mule Scams?


Here's how they work:

Someone might offer you a job. Or say you’ve won a sweepstakes. Or start an online relationship with you. Whatever the story, next they want to send you money – and then ask you to send it on to someone else. They often say to wire the money or use gift cards.

But that money is stolen. And there never was a job, a prize or a relationship – only a scam. That scammer was trying to get you to be what some people call a “money mule.”

If you deposit a scammer’s check, it might clear. But later, when the bank finds out it’s a fake check, you’ll have to repay the bank. And if you help a scammer move stolen money – even if you didn’t know it was stolen – you could get into legal trouble.

Here’s what you can do:

money mule scams
Keep your money to yourself

Never agree to move money for someone who contacts you, even if they promise a relationship, job or prize. You could lose money and get in legal trouble.

Pass on this information to a friend

You may see through these scams. But chances are you know someone who could use a friendly reminder.