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Website Spring Cleaning

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Website Spring Cleaning


Redesigned, refreshed and reorganized… nothing has gone untouched

We get it… it could be that the only time you spend at is the few seconds it takes to log in to your Online Banking account. Or maybe you don’t even go there at all because you use Mobile Banking. Either way, we’re happy to have you. But in case you’re interested, we’ll be launching our newly refreshed website on Tuesday, April 27.

Our objectives were simple…

  • Make it inviting and relatable
  • Make it accessible
  • Make it helpful and purposeful

Here’s what you’ll see on April 27:

Improved navigation – we’ve added new navigation bars from top to bottom, and even on the sides.

All new content – we’ve reworked the old stuff and added some new.

If you do happen to spend some time on our website, feel free to send any feedback you may have to We hope you like what you see!



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